Login, Cookies and Privacy

- Hide me from the Who's Online list: Hides you from the online users' list when you are logged in

- Remember my login details for future visits: Adds a cookie that will log you in automatically when you visit

Messaging and Notification

- Receive emails from the Administrators: Allows Admins to send you emails

- Hide your email from other members: Will hide your email from your contact list.

- Receive private messages from other users: Allows other users to send you PM's. You need this activated in order to see the Member's Area box on the main page.

- Alert me with a notice when I receive a Private Message: Will show you a little banner on top of the forum anytime you receive a new PM.

- Notify me by email when I receive a new Private Message: Checking this will tell the forum to send you an Email every time you receive a new PM.

- Default Thread Subscription Mode: This will tell the forum what to do when you post a new thread, by default:

-- Do not Subscribe: will not subscribe to any thread unless you select that option on the thread itself.

-- No email notification: will, by default, subscribe to every thread you create, but won't notify you by email. You can find this subscribed threads on the Subscribed Threads page.

-- Instant email notification: will notify you by email every time a new reply is posted in your subscribed threads.

Date and Time Options

- You'll find several options for you to customize the way dates and time are shown in the forum. You can also change the forum's Timezone in case it's different from yours.

Forum Display Options

- Threads Per Page: You can select how many threads are shown in the forum main page.

- Default Thread View: This will filter threads shown by date.