To embed an image on LoP you'll have to use the [img] [/img] tags. You can type those before and after your image link or press the Image button and insert the URL, but not all websites are allowed for image embedding

If you try to post an embed image from a site that is not allowed, a message will show, saying that images are only allowed to be posted from the following sites and imageuploaders: - - - - - - -

If you want to embed from a different place you will have to use the Upload Image function. You will find a text link for that under the box of the post body when posting.

Press it and you'll find a new menu under it.


You can upload images in two ways:

    • Upload from computer:

That will allow you to upload one to five image file(s) from your computer. Just click browse and an explorer window will pop-up Pick the image and that's it.

    • Upload from Url

That will allow you to upload one to five image file(s) from another website. Just post the URL of the image in the field.

When done, click Upload Image(s)>> and you'll be given the links of the uploaded images, already with the [img] tags. You just need to copy or drag them to your post.

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