Quoting Disturbed, LoP Administrator:

If you are visiting LOP from work, prison, (unsecured) wifi, hotspots, etc. and you don't want systemadmins to read what you read, or read what you post. Or you don't want prisonguards to know you are asking for ways to escape, or don't want some wizzkid with a firefox plugin login to your account or intercept your traffic over (unsecured) wifi/hotspot.. Or you are just plain paranoid..

You can now connect to LOP via https.
This means that information send, and received between your browser and the LOP server is highly encrypted.
In threads you will see the little lock break if there are images or videos posted. This is the only information not encrypted.

By default the forum is set to Normal Mode. When in Normal Mode, you'll see this link under the banner:

Normal mode

To turn on Safe Mode, click that link. You should see the link change to:

Safe mode